21 Simple Reasons Having A Cat Is The Best Thing In The World

    Even the smallest purrs give you the biggest smiles.

    1. When they walk across your back as you lie in bed.

    2. And when they decide to plop down and snuggle up right there.

    3. When they slow-blink at you.

    4. When they get so comfy that their lil' claws peek out.

    5. And when their claws get stuck on something and you can't help but chuckle at their attempt to break free.

    6. Their weird yet lovable obsession with plastic.

    7. When they lie belly up and you know they feel safe and comfortable.

    8. When their pupils get huge and it's the cutest thing ever.

    9. When they wiggle their butt before pouncing on whatever they've chosen to pounce on.

    10. When they're ~casually~ always in the same room as you.

    11. When they get random bursts of energy and crazily run around the house.

    12. The ingenuity of their sleeping spots.

    13. And how they're able to turn anything into a toy.

    14. When they mark you with their lil' teethies.

    15. When their little tongues peek out!

    16. When you can watch them spend time meticulously kneading.

    17. And when they want some of your food and they stick out their little paw in the gentlest way.

    18. When you discover a new game to play with them.

    19. When you know your cat well enough that you know exactly where to find her, every time.

    20. When they fold up and turn into a cat loaf.

    21. And every time they're so happy that they purr.