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21 Signs You Might Be A Chinchilla

Nobody said you were a chinchilla. But then again, nobody has confirmed that you aren't one.

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This is v. important and you should definitely keep reading this if you've never been told specifically that you're not a chinchilla. Following are the tell-tale signs of being a chinchilla, and if all of them apply to you, you may discover something about yourself that you never knew before.

1. Your natural habitat is anywhere cozy.

2. When you sleep it's precious and beautiful and not weird for people to watch you.

3. You woke up like this (as in like furry and whiskery and so adorable that Beyonce was probably referring to you when she wrote that lyric.)

4. When you wear tiny hats people get emotional.

5. You're about as tall as a chocolate Easter Bunny.

6. You can't necessarily tell the difference between a carrot and a block of wood that looks like a carrot.

7. Or the difference between a carrot and spongey thing that looks like a carrot.

8. People scratch under your chin and you're not weirded out and you're actually really into it.

9. You can be found chinchillin on people's knees.

10. Your ears are significantly larger than your hands and nobody questions it.

11. Standing in a dark corner is a cute thing that you do and not a creepy thing that you do.

12. You can easily be confused with a bunny slipper.

13. People tend to say "You're really cute when you chew on that twig" instead of saying "Hey why are you chewing on that twig?"

14. You're similar in size to promotional toys from McDonald's.

15. This is always a flattering angle.

16. A shish kebab of wooden blocks is a fun toy for you.

17. You play in dust and that's okay.

18. You blend in with cute lil stuffed animals.

19. A piece of cereal is a really filling snack for you.

20. Lots of cups are taller than you and you can't use straws either so you find yourself in a pinch sometimes when you're thirsty.

21. You look in the mirror and your reflection is literally a chinchilla.

Thanks for reading, and everyone plz share to help your friends find out if they are chinchillas or not.

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