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37 People Who Are Taking Shark Week Too Seriously

You're at a level 36784, we need you to take it down to a level 6.

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1. The humans who have involved this innocent weenie dog.

3. This guy applying his love of Shark Week to his relationship standards.

Want a girl who will watch shark week with me all night

4. And this person looking for promotions EVERYWHERE.

harry styles promoting shark week !

5. The people who felt the need to change their names at Starbucks.

6. This rebel teen.

7. Even Mother Nature is getting into it.

I don't know if it's coincidence or not that my period started the day after shark week ..It's a week full of blood,rage&things being eaten😊

8. This diorama enthusiast.

9. This individual who is certainly not lonely.

i have a 4 disc set of the most popular episodes of shark week that has over 20 hours of content. i'm not lonely, mom.

10. The person who took the time to make this piece of contemporary art.

11. The baker of this rather graphic cake.

12. This onesied shark squad.

Although.....who doesn't want to be in a shark onesie squad?

13. The human responsible for this bath-tub JAWS recreation.

14. This guy who is dreaming big.

My goal in life is to be a reenactment actor on #SharkWeek.

15. This punny lady.

@SharkWeek I have my shark shoes on and I'm pumped!!!!!! #sharkweek

16. This lady who really went in with that fake blood.

17. This fan willing to go the extra mile.

So if I throw myself into the ocean and get bitten by a shark for science can I be featured on shark week or nah?

18. And this fan who WILL NOT tolerate any other species during Shark Week.

a walrus just popped up on my screen and said "MYTH BUSTED" i thought this was shark week not walrus week smh


19. The designer of this bathroom.

20. This dramatic woman.

21. This terrifyingly realistic cosplayer.

22. DixMcSharkWeek

23. The family who commemorated Shark Week during Halloween.

24. The monster who is wearing shark SOCKS WITH FLIP FLOPS.


25. This girl dedicated to taking a shark selfie in a public restroom.

26. The person who labelled this piano for an easily accessible JAWS soundtrack.

27. The driver behind this dashboard.

28. This girl with slightly changing poses and too many sharks.

29. The owner of this excessive amount of shark t-shirts.

30. This person recording with the amp set to METAL.

32. This tattoo parlor.

33. This individual whose birthday doesn't even compare to their love for Shark Week.

34. This girl standing up for sharks.

35. This proud fan with her head held high.

36. The person who went on Whisper JUST to type "shark week" a bunch of times.

37. And finally, the person so dedicated they put "Shark Week" permanently on their body.

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