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22 Times Cats Made No Sense

Cats are weird.

Cats, man. They are weirdos who do lots of strange things.

1. Such as putting effort into opening a door when there is a cat door readily available.

2. Or sleeping with a paper bag on their head, and being moody about its removal.

3. They will see an expanse of space and decide to face the wall.

4. Like????

5. Or they'll see an open tank and think, Hey, that's for me.

6. Everyone loves pancakes, except cats, apparently.

7. And pickles can be downright insulting.

8. And they can enjoy licking ice, but WATER? Screw water.

9. Only a cat would venture to use the tiny space available on either side of a full coffee cup.

10. Or the ever-so-gently protruding space on a car door handle.

11. And only a cat has the natural tendency to always be exactly where they shouldn't be.

12. Exactly...

13. ...where they shouldn't be.

14. Cats will decide that a nice place to prepare a bed is a full beard.

15. Or a drying towel.

16. Or a slightly open box in a pile of garbage.

17. They'll hang out in plastic bags for a solid amount of time.

18. And they will VERY INTENSELY LICK those plastic bags.

19. A cat will sit for hours staring out the window, meowing at nothing.

20. Or staring at anything moving or dangling for that matter.

21. Just when you think you are in the clear, cats will attack with a mighty vengeance.

22. But that's OK. Cats are weirdos and we love them anyway.