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    21 Truths For People Who Like Animals More Than Other Humans

    Animals aren't liars and meanie-heads.

    1. When people disappoint you, you shake your head and think to yourself "An animal would never do that."


    2. You have trouble saying "I love you" to other humans, but will blurt it the second you meet an animal.

    Walt Disney Studios

    3. You tell them secrets you would never let fall on human ears.

    Walt Disney Studios

    4. You've often wondered this:

    5. You seek out the dog or cat at house parties.

    When you go to a party and they have a dog

    6. You have your priorities straight.

    7. The wilderness excites you, rather than scaring you.


    8. Growing up, you always wanted to be a zookeeper.

    9. And you love going to the zoo but HATE the other guests.

    Caters News Agency

    10. You're more emotional when an animal dies in a movie than a human character.


    11. And you see no problem with being a crazy cat/dog person.

    Disney Channel

    12. Your list of favorite animals is long, your list of favorite people is short and depends on the day.

    Ghost World / Capitol Films

    13. You relate to this on a spiritual level.

    NBC Universal

    14. You're more comfortable around new animals than new people.

    15. And you're 1000% less awkward when talking to animals.


    16. A room full of people is hell, but this is heaven.

    17. You'd choose Animal Planet over MTV any day.

    Animal Planet

    18. You follow considerably more animals on social media than humans.

    19. Human babies are whatever, but baby ANIMALS are squeal-worthy.

    When your school brings in baby animals to calm you before midterms😍😍😍

    20. Animal hugs are more comforting when you're sad.

    21. And you support this sentiment with all of your heart:

    Because animals just ~get~ you.

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