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    Posted on Nov 2, 2015

    21 Adorable Red Panda Products You Need In Your Life

    Number one: A red panda.

    1. This TOTES adorbs tote bag.

    LOL. Find it here.

    2. This snuggly sweatshirt bearing the emblem of your life.

    Found here.

    3. These perfect little earrings to whisper sweet nothings into your ears.

    Found here.

    4. This ridiculously cute magnetic book mark.

    5. This pencil case that will make you justify still using a pencil case.

    And gel pens too, apparently. Found here.

    6. This red panda in a party hat pin that you didn't know you desperately needed until now.

    Found here!

    7. This necklace fit for a queen.

    Find it here.

    8. Or perhaps this necklace, which is slightly less up front about the fact that it is a red panda, but still a red panda at it's golden core, which in some ways is a metaphor for life, and, well, you get it.

    Found here.

    9. Some of this printed fabric that will finally prompt you to learn to sew.

    Like the goddamn independent lady that you are. Find it here.

    10. A print of this friggin' beautiful watercolor painting.

    Found here.

    11. This wonderful phone case.

    Find it here.

    12. Or this absolutely gorgeous one.

    Found here.

    13. These coasters that might end up being decorative for fear of ruining them because they're so perfect.

    Find them here.

    14. This pristine mug to help keep you cozy always.

    Find it here.

    15. This lovely geometric shower curtain.

    16. This darling throw pillow that will add some coziness to any room.

    17. Or this little pillow who will be your couch buddy.

    Find it here.

    18. And this adorable little face, just to complete your solid trio of red panda throw pillows.

    Find it here.

    19. This rug that nobody will be allowed to wipe their feet on.

    Find it here.

    20. This scarf you might have a hard time putting away after winter.

    Found here.

    21. And finally, this onesie that you'll want to wear in public.

    Found on Amazon.

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