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16 Times Pandas Were The Only Ones Who Mattered

Pandas are so underrated.

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1. When this King fell right off his throne.

2. When this happy dance changed the entire foundation of happy dances.

3. When this panda went Full Nugget.

4. And when this one took tumbling to the next level.

5. When this baby wasn't as graceful as he could've been.

6. And when this clumsy baby couldn't even piggyback ride.


8. And when this dude didn't even TRY to stay in the tree.

9. When this ray of sunshine was having the time of her life eating bamboo.

10. When this buddy overestimated how much that branch could handle.

11. When this teeny cub peeked out to say hello.

12. And when this baby's sneeze startled the heck out of her mama.

13. When there was a slide and all the pandas LOVED IT.

14. When this little dude was so proud of his giant branch.

15. When this baby was showing off how good his hugs are.

16. And finally, when this little guy just couldn't pull himself together.

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