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17 People Just Trying To Help The World Not Be Sad

Thank you, kind strangers.

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1. There is a league of good people out there who have dogs and do the good work of sharing that gift with the world.

2. Honestly, we owe these happiness crusaders a lot.

3. They ease our worries.

4. They help us forget what should be forgotten.

5. They soothe our sorrows.

6. Maybe, in a way, these people are like our guardian angels.

7. Brought to us exactly when we need them the most.

8. Blessing us when nobody else can.

9. The wonders a dog in a swing can do are immeasurable.

10. The powers of two dogs who look the same can work miracles.

11. Yes, she is VERY gorgeous.

12. Yes, she is SO beautiful.

13. We really WILL have a good day now.

14. Even when they're a little assertive, these dog-picture-posters truly have our best interests at heart.

15. They give us so much.

16. So thank you, all you heroes who post pictures of your dogs for the less fortunate to enjoy.

17. Seriously. Keep up the good work.

Never change.
Twitter: @himynameisjulz

Never change.

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