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    Literally Just A Bunch Of Ridiculously Cute Akita Puppies

    They're in the running for cutest puppies of all time.

    1. This perfectly boop-able pup.

    2. This angel ready to cover you in kisses.

    3. This dramatically floofy pal.

    4. And this little bundle of paws and squish.

    5. This super-friendly shopper.

    6. And this baby with the most dazzling smile.

    7. This lil' guy with his white socks.

    8. This pretty girl on her best behavior in front of dad.

    9. This tiny jelly bean.

    10. And this adorably reluctant sailor.

    11. This fluff with the most charming head tilt.

    12. This tiny, very serious dude.

    13. And finally, this precious angel with his perfect, giant paws!

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