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It's Not A Competition, But These Puppies And Kittens Are Cuter Than Babies

So sue me.

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1. Seriously, you can't pit the two against each other, but like isn't this kitten a little cuter than your average baby?

2. And this puppy is generally cuter than ANY human, even tiny ones under a year old.

3. And if it WERE a competition, everyone already knows this puppy would win.

4. Or this big-eyed kitten. Nothing against babies, it's just hard to compete with that level of cuteness.

5. Puppies are just naturally more talented at having big ears and sparkling eyes.

6. Kittens are just naturally better at being tiny balls of pure squishiness.

7. You don't wake a sleeping baby because they will cry, but you don't wake a sleeping puppy BECAUSE HOW COULD YOU???????

8. And let's be real, everyone is way more hyped to see pictures of your kitten on social media than they are to see any baby.

9. But, like I said, it's not a competition.

10. If I were a baby, I wouldn't even want it to be a competition because I know I'd lose. Puppy for proof:

11. Think about it. Has there ever been a baby with eyes so yellow and fur so soft and gray?

12. Have you ever seen a baby with a belly half as rubbable and a nose half as boopable?

13. And the thing is, kittens become CATS.

14. Puppies become DOGS.

15. But babies become adults. *SHUDDER.* Here's more kittens to shake off that thought:

16. Really, this is no offense to all the babies out there.

17. It's just that even though it's not a competition at all, puppies and kittens win anyway.

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