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    21 Inspirational Quotes From Goats

    The meadow is as far as you let it be.

    1. "Every day is a new day, and its possibilities are endless."

    2. "Don't be afraid to poke your head around the corner, because opportunity is EVERYWHERE!"

    3. "The meadow is as far as you let it be."

    4. "Smile more, because if you forget how, that would be awkward."

    5. "The grass is greener on the side where your friends are."

    6. "Some say the sky is the limit, but I say the limit does not exist."

    7. "Hold your head high, and be confident in all that you do."

    8. "Look life straight in the eyes and show it your best dance moves."

    9. "You are your own compass."

    10. "Find the light in your life and chase it until your smile is wide and your heart is happy."

    11. "You are on top of the world and you are LOOKIN HELLA GOOD."

    12. "Think of mistakes as funny stories you can tell one day when you're on Ellen."

    13. "Don't be afraid to be the first one to take the leap."

    14. "The winds of change are always blowing, so embrace them."

    15. "Your eyes may be blocked by your ears, but you don't need to see to follow your heart."

    16. "You are your own unique masterpiece and you add beauty to this world."

    17. "Sing out loud if you want to, even if people look at you funny!"

    18. "You are a beautiful butterfly angel and you will accomplish amazing things!"

    19. "Do your ears hang low? Because if they do, OWN IT."

    20. "Don't give up until you find that perfect patch of grass that was made just for you!"

    21. "Look into my eyes. YOU ARE INVINCIBLE."