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21 Inspirational Quotes From Goats

The meadow is as far as you let it be.

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1. "Every day is a new day, and its possibilities are endless."

Umbertopantalone / Getty Images

2. "Don't be afraid to poke your head around the corner, because opportunity is EVERYWHERE!"

Zhuzhu / Getty Images

3. "The meadow is as far as you let it be."

Steinbergpix / Getty Images

4. "Smile more, because if you forget how, that would be awkward."

Thibop / Getty Images

5. "The grass is greener on the side where your friends are."

Fuse / Getty Images

6. "Some say the sky is the limit, but I say the limit does not exist."

Digital Vision. / Getty Images

7. "Hold your head high, and be confident in all that you do."

Fuse / Getty Images

8. "Look life straight in the eyes and show it your best dance moves."

Angela940 / Getty Images

9. "You are your own compass."

Fuse / Getty Images

10. "Find the light in your life and chase it until your smile is wide and your heart is happy."

Thomas Northcut / Getty Images

11. "You are on top of the world and you are LOOKIN HELLA GOOD."

Ramses02 / Getty Images

12. "Think of mistakes as funny stories you can tell one day when you're on Ellen."

Maximili / Getty Images

13. "Don't be afraid to be the first one to take the leap."

Flysnow / Getty Images

14. "The winds of change are always blowing, so embrace them."

Ornitolog82 / Getty Images

15. "Your eyes may be blocked by your ears, but you don't need to see to follow your heart."

Tpicka / Getty Images

16. "You are your own unique masterpiece and you add beauty to this world."

Glen Johnson / Getty Images

17. "Sing out loud if you want to, even if people look at you funny!"

Junko / Getty Images

18. "You are a beautiful butterfly angel and you will accomplish amazing things!"

Chaiwat2 / Getty Images

19. "Do your ears hang low? Because if they do, OWN IT."

Valerikimbro / Getty Images

20. "Don't give up until you find that perfect patch of grass that was made just for you!"

Ygrek / Getty Images

21. "Look into my eyes. YOU ARE INVINCIBLE."

Denboma / Getty Images

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