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May 26, 2015

18 Reasons Having A Dog Is Easier Than Being In A Relationship

Puppy Love > People Love

1. You don't need to tell your dog where you are and who you're with.

2. Dog food can be relatively cheap; date nights at fancy restaurants are not.

3. Your dog won't lecture you over a miscommunication that shouldn't have become an argument but is now an argument.

4. Dogs don't get upset when you're accidentally wearing the same thing.

5. Your dog doesn't mind if you hang out with other dogs.

6. Dogs don't have high expectations for their birthdays.

7. Your dog doesn't (regularly) steal your clothes.

8. You don't have to meet your dog's parents, or deal with crazy in-laws.

9. People don't tend to get irritated when you overload your Instagram with pictures of your dog.

10. Your dog is free for a date exactly when you are.

11. Dogs are loyal.

12. You won't ever have to take care of your obnoxiously drunk dog.

13. It doesn't surprise you when your dog is sweet, because your dog is always sweet.

14. Your dog won't say something insulting without realizing it and cause you to really ponder what they meant by that.

15. Your dog will always be up for cuddling.

16. It's not an issue that your dog doesn't have a job and sleeps all day and doesn't do much to help around the house.

17. Your dog doesn't have jealous exes.

18. And your dog is ALWAYS happy to see you, even when you're grumpy and whiny and tired and nobody else wants to be around you.

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