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16 Reasons You Should Stay Home With Your Pet Tonight

Night in with your cutie >>>>>>>> Night out with other humans

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1. Your pet is way cooler than any human could even ATTEMPT to be.

2. And they are down to spend a whole night chillin' on your warm bed with you.

Waffie / Cute or Not

3. Seriously, snuggling in fuzzy blankets is way better than waiting in a line outside to get into a hot, stuffy bar.

Pi Pi / Cute or Not

4. Plus, your buddy won't mind if you decide to fall asleep early.

Peaches & Tater / Cute or Not

5. You will have easy access to all the snacks in your kitchen...

Sage / Cute or Not

6. And a cute face staring at you while you eat.

McKinley / Cute or Not

7. Your pet won't expect you to buy drinks.

Max / Cute or Not

8. Or to dance when you're not in the mood for dancing.

Chloe / Cute or Not

9. And they will most likely want you to take the break you deserve.

10. Because chances are, your pal is just as tuckered out as you after this long week.

Argo / Cute or Not

11. Your pet will make you laugh a genuine laugh, and not a "I'm trying to fit into this conversation" laugh.

Avril / Cute or Not

12. And they won't overanalyze you telling them just how cute they are.

Jupiter / Cute or Not

13. In fact, your pet is cuter than anyone you might meet if you went out tonight.

14. And you don't have to dress up to impress them. Jammies are just fine.

15. Honestly, who deserves your time more than the one making you most happy?

16. So have a buddies night in, because it's the kind of night you won't regret :)

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