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    Posted on Oct 21, 2015

    Here Are 18 Cute Animals Because Sometimes That's What You Need

    Feeling down? Time to sit back and appreciate cute animals.

    1. Some days, like today perhaps, you simply don't feel 100% great.

    Solaris / Cute or Not

    2. Maybe you're sad or stressed or just plain BORED. No matter what the case...

    Biscuit / Cute or Not


    Rozie / Cute or Not

    4. Here is a hedgehog all tucked in for a nap.

    Button / Cute or Not

    5. And a puppy looking VERY serious about his co-pilot position.

    Riley / Cute or Not

    6. Take a look at this fluffball practicing for school picture day.

    Gambo / Cute or Not

    He's basically a pro.

    7. Is a fuzzy kitty belly just what you need to crack that smile?

    Boudy / Cute or Not

    8. Maybe an ornery kitty on a shelf is just the right thing for you.

    Bubbles / Cute or Not

    9. Certainly a puppy with a pink bow will make you feel a LIL' BIT better.

    Ozzy / Cute or Not

    10. Here's a guinea pig with a bow too, just for good measure.

    Sweetie / Cute or Not

    11. Life is a real meanie-head sometimes.

    Lincoln / Cute or Not

    We get it.

    12. But that doesn't mean you can't appreciate a good snuggly kitten taking a good snuggly nap.

    Hobbs / Cute or Not

    13. Or two brilliantly bright parakeets peeking over at you.

    Pepsi & Zoe / Cute or Not

    14. This little baby's entire job is just to make you smile.

    PomPom / Cute or Not

    He's doing pretty good, isn't he?

    15. And these two cuddle-bugs just look so cozy, you can't help but feel a little cozy yourself.

    Elvis & Oscar / Cute or Not

    16. Here's a dog smiling just because.

    Rudy / Cute or Not

    17. And a cat who would never admit it, but thinks that smiling dogs are pretty darn cute.

    Rosco / Cute or Not

    We agree.

    18. Cheer up, friend. There's too much cuteness in this world for you to feel anything but lovely!

    Luna & Misty / Cute or Not

    Don’t have the Cute or Not app yet? No worries, you can download it here and get all the cuties your heart desires!

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