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The 15 Goofiest Animals Who Make The World A Happier Place

Better than cartoons, because these lil buddies are fo real.

15. The Tarsier

Creative Commons/Ian Armstrong

This guy may induce laughter or fear, BUT HE IS CUTE IN HIS OWN SPECIAL WAY. That bug-eyed smile is a winner.

14. The Gerenuk

Gallo Images - Daryl Balfour / Getty Images

With teeny heads that are reminiscent of maple tree helicopters atop long, skinny necks, these animals are natural goofs. We're not laughing at you, gerenuks, we're laughing with you.

13. This hyrax riding a tortoise.

*They see me rollin, they hatin* This lil buddy knows how to live in style! BUT half his cuteness is aided by the tortoise, giving him spot number 13 on our list.

12. The Silkie Chicken

11. The Beluga Whale

Jacky Lee / Getty Images

The Beluga whale is one of the silliest sea animals. Plus, 'Beluga' itself is a funny word, seriously, just try saying it without smiling.

10. Meishan Pigs

AFP / Getty Images

Floppy and droopy and SUCH GOOFINESS.

9. The Angora Rabbit

8. This friendly pufferfish.

Does he think he's a DOGFISH? Pufferfish, you're gr8, here's spot number EIGHT!

7. The Proboscis Monkey

Creative Commons/Flickr: superwebdeveloper

Is this a monkey version of Squidward? Is this a monkey version of Squidward? IS. THIS. A MONKEY VERSION. OF SQUIDWARD?!?!!

6. The Potoo Bird

Glenn Bartley / Getty Images

Who could be more beloved than a real-life Squidward? A REAL LIFE MUPPET. LOOK AT HIM. The potoo is one of the most animated birds, with a range of expressions that will make you do the snorting-whilst-staring-at-your-computer-screen laugh that we are all guilty of.

5. Any group of llamas

Creative Commons/Flickr: sheila_sund

More than one llama and suddenly you have what looks like a punk rock album cover. Llamas, you're trying to be hardcore BUT YOU JUST LOOK LIKE SILLIES.

4. The Quokka

3. Basset Hounds Running

Nick Ridley / Getty Images

The transformation that occurs when a basset hound gallops off is one of beauty. Running basset hounds, we salute you with third place!

2. The Inca Tern

Creative Commons/Flickr: ross_elliott

The classier the mustache, the sillier the animal. Inca Tern, you have made it to second place! But what can beat a fancy mustache?

1. The Gloster Canary

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