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Gus The Cat Is You When It's Almost The Weekend

It's too late to start anything new, but there's a lot of time left to kill.

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1. When you wake up and envision the time you have between you and the weekend:

2. When you see everyone else being productive and you're thinking about Friday night:

3. When you're trying really hard to stay awake but this week has been ROUGH:

4. When you don't care if it's nice out now, you care if it's nice out Saturday:

5. When reminders on your calendar are going off and you'd rather just not:

6. When your boss just dropped another task on you and you're like "what.":

7. When someone asks you to help them "real quick" but you realize it might hamper your plan of leaving early:

8. When you're packing up and you hear your name being called:

9. When the weekend is so close you can almost taste it:

10. When your buddy is complaining and you're like "Me too, man. Me too.":

11. When you're going about your business like it's a regular day and you suddenly remember it's almost the weekend:

12. When you know there is one day left til the weekend, so you hold your head high and fight on:

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