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This Octopus Deserves An Oscar

The Indonesian Mimic Octopus and Leo DiCaprio have something in common; they are both great actors who have been severely under-appreciated.

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Meet the Indonesian Mimic Octopus.

Creative Commons/Flickr: elevy

Named after his ability to mimic other species, this dude is killin' the camouflage game. Look at his SPOT-ON impression of a flatfish.

And this FLAWLESS portrayal of a lionfish.

And this "sea snake" that is just SO ON POINT.

He can also turn pitch black within seconds, LIKE IT'S NOTHING.

"Oh this? Merely a party trick."

But even after all that, he's still stuck in the 'No Oscars Club' with Leo DiCaprio.

One day, Mimic Octopus.

Click here to watch the full video of the Indonesian Mimic Octopus on Youtube!

Thumbnail credits - Octopus: Creative Commons/
Academy Award: WP:NFCC#4. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia

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