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    21 Reasons A Woman Should Never Ever Have A Pit Bull

    The saying isn't LADY's best friend, now is it?

    1. Everybody knows that pit bulls are WAY too manly and ferocious of a dog for girls to have.

    2. Especially little girls. They are too fragile for the ferocity of a pit bull.

    3. Senior ladies too. Much too vicious for them.

    Facebook: HitorACC

    (These nuns adopted this pit bull because nobody else would give her a home.)

    4. Girls aren't ones for being outside, and pit bulls need to go on walks and stuff.


    5. Girls should only have small dogs, anyway.


    6. And what kind of woman could handle ONE pitbull, let alone TWO?

    7. And a "Pile of Pit Bulls" is simply a dangerous place for anyone, especially a lady.

    Amber ???

    8. It would be far too upsetting to see a girl and her pit bull in matching bunny ears.

    9. Pit bulls wouldn't look cute in bows and polka-dots anyway.

    10. And girls don't like Star Wars so there's no way they'd take adorable photos of their pitties in Chewbacca hoodies.

    Kaelin Tully / BuzzFeed

    11. Plus, pit bulls aren't calm enough to sit for any adorable pictures in the first place.

    Pia Aguilar / Facebook

    12. Nope. Way too ferocious for a dainty lady.

    Gabrielle Woo

    13. No pit bull would have the patience necessary for snuggly little girls.

    14. They just really aren't ones for cuddling.

    15. And no lady wants pit bull kisses.

    Ginny Mulé

    16. Girls would probably find pit bulls BORING, and vice versa.

    17. Ladies love hugs, but pit bulls definitely don't give them.

    18. And pitties just aren't trainable enough for a woman to teach them silly things like dance.

    And even if they did, it wouldn't be CUTE.

    19. Even baby pit bulls are too vicious for girls.

    20. Family dogs? No way, that's too dangerous.

    Lizzie Duncan

    21. No girl should ever have a pit bull, because in all honesty, it might just be too painfully cute for any of us to handle.

    Lindsay Calleran /

    Moral of the story: Adopt a pit bull, ladies. They're the best :)

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