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    17 Dogs Who Don't Know How To Smile But Are So Cute It Doesn't Matter

    They may not know how to smile, but it sure is cute.

    1. The Classic

    2. The Dead Eyes Smile

    3. The Over A-CHEESE-er

    4. The Maniacal Smirk

    5. The 20

    6. The Obtuse Angle

    7. The "I'm Not Sure How Long I Can Hold This" Smile

    8. The "I Just Tooted" Smile

    9. The Bottom Row

    10. The Eyes Straight-Up Closed Smile

    11. The Midsentence Smile

    12. The Grimace

    13. The Gazing Off At Something Shiny Smile

    14. The Questioning Your Motives Smile

    15. The 2 Cool 2 Commit Smile

    16. The Overconfident Smile

    17. The Smile Your Mom Will Always Show Off

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