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28 Dogs Who Really Want The Food You're Instagramming

"Oh that's a nice picture, can I have a taste?"

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1. "Gravity is on my side."

2. "Sharing is caring and it can be fun."

3. "I wouldn't mind a fry."

4. "Half for you, half for me, right?"

5. "Excuse me, I believe you have food you wanted to give me."

7. "Look into my eyes, yes. You are getting verrrrryyyyy sleeeeeeepyyyy."

8. "So close, yet so far away."

9. "Oh I'm just watching, but if you offered I wouldn't say no."

10. "This is two against one, my friend."

11. "Is that HAM?! Am I smelling ham right now?!!"

12. "I didn't want toast with peanut butter anyway."

13. "Oh, yes, hi! How are you? Why, I AM here for food. So kind of you to notice."

14. "♪ I'm in the corner, watching you eat that, woah-oh-oh. ♪"

15. "You said it yourself, I'm a good boy! Don't I deserve a lil treat?"

16. "Oh look! What's that over there? It looks like something you should investigate. I'll watch your plate!"

17. "Just sittin' here, minding my own business."

18. "If you love me, you will share."

19. "Dog? No! I am human, see? I eat human food, like what you've got in your hand!"

20. "These puppy dog eyes are no match for you. Just give in and hand over the yummies."

22. "I love tacos. You know I love tacos."

23. "Trade ya my squeaky toy for some of your dinner. Eh?"

24. "Friends don't let friends keep McDonald's to themselves."

25. "If you drop some of that, I won't tell."

26. "That looks like way too much for you, I can help!"

27. "Put the food down, and back away slowly."

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