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21 Dogs Who Really, Really Want To Play

Come on, ALL you have to do is throw the ball!

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1. This angel whose eyes won't let you say no.

3. This dude who knows that if you want something from someone, you've gotta play it cool.

4. This patient friend who sees that you are reading, but JUST needs you to throw the ball.

5. This dog who has been blind from birth but won't let that get in the way of playing fetch!

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His family has trained him to understand various commands such as "hot" or "cold", and "warmer", "passed it", "left" and "right".

6. This lady who just keeps sighing and waiting for you to make eye contact.

8. This pup who will literally stand there for hours until you pick up the paddle and play with him.

9. This opportunistic fetch-player. That wasn't a good throw, but he'll take it.

10. This angel who is being ever so polite about asking you to play with her.

11. This dog giving a heart to heart about the essentials of doggie exercise.

"Let me tell you something. I'd really appreciate if you'd play with me. It's good for my longevity. You'd really be doin' me a solid."

12. This dog giving his best "Can we keep him?" face.


13. This buddy who has brought options, just to be safe.

14. This pup who either goes big or goes home.


17. This overly friendly fellow with ulterior motives.

"If I keep being a good boy, I will eventually get to play."

19. This pup who is saying, "Pretty please with a cherry on top?"

20. This pooch who is not at all picky about fetch-worthy items.

21. And this Guinness World Record-holder who has big dreams and a big mouth to accompany them.