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17 Dogs So Disappointed In The Human Race

The inner turmoil is real.

1. This guy truly wondering how he ended up here.

When you finally get rescued from the shelter but this is your new owner

2. This newly groomed lady who is not so pleased with her new look.

3. This dog enraged that his human had the audacity to give him a bath.

4. And this fellow who doesn't think the martini thing is funny or cute.

5. This corgi who is ashamed his human created a business suit onesie.

6. This pup, so confused by humans and their weird clothing habits.

7. This embarrassed, restless soul.

the dog is so embarrassed to be in that thing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

8. And this small dog, bearing the marks of his shame.

9. This dog, wondering when his human will take it down a notch.

When you're in eighth grade and love your dog but your dog is embarrassed to be seen with you

10. And this dog, who is so, so done.

11. This dog, looking upon a portrait of disappointment.

12. And this dog not too enthused that his human has a giant blanket of his face.

13. This pup who is clearly not into DIY grooming.

14. This pal who remembers what you did last night, even if you can't.

15. This little fellow, who didn't ask for this and is not going to succumb to it.

I was trying to take cute spring pictures with my dog but look at his face

16. This dog, just wondering WHY.

17. And finally, this guy who hates Minions just as much as the rest of us.

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