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    19 Things Everyone Who Thinks Dogs Are Better Than Babies Will Understand

    Puppies > Babies.

    1. You much prefer puppy whines to baby cries.

    2. You can comfortably snuggle a puppy, but holding a baby is a struggle.

    3. And you hate babysitting, but practically beg to dog-sit.

    Dogsitting for my friend is so much fun!! I want a dog so bad. :D

    4. You are 10 times more excited about meeting dogs on the street than you are about meeting your own relative's baby.

    5. People have tried to sway you by showing you "adorable" baby pictures.

    6. And you're not very good at reacting to people's pictures of their kids, but squeal incoherently at their dogs.

    7. You don't understand why dogs aren't allowed places that babies are.

    8. You get tired of people posting baby pictures on social media, but follow multiple dog accounts.

    9. Spoiled babies are gross; spoiled pups are ADORABLE.

    10. You feel awkward talking to babies, but gush away around dogs.

    11. You have a long list of possible dog names, but are stumped when somebody asks what you'd name your child.

    Like there are SO many good dog names out there, how did "Ava" or "Masyn" even get thrown in the ring... C'mon

    12. And you sympathize with the dogs whose humans have had a baby.

    13. You will go out of your way to compliment a stranger's dog, but never their baby.

    14. And you subsequently feel awkward when you feel like you need to compliment the baby too.

    15. You treat your dog better than you'd treat a human child and you're not sorry one bit.

    16. You feel like you have to keep your dog preference a secret.

    17. You never want puppies to grow up, but you really wish babies would.

    18. You've gotten into arguments about how useless human babies are versus dogs.

    You can't argue with the numbers - dogs are better than babies

    19. You're kind of disappointed this post isn't all dogs and actually does feature some babies.

    Sorry. This is for you.