21 Hilarious Dog Pictures Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

Dogs are the happiest animals!

1. This pup enjoying the little things in life.

2. This dog who believes in the good in people.

3. This pal who MUST hold your hand while you watch Netflix.

4. This fancy little derp.

5. This dog with his great comedic placement.

6. This dude just chillin’ and complimenting everyone.

7. And this guy who chose the least comfortable way to sleep but is making it work.

8. This dude who made some mistakes and is currently regretting them.

9. This dog who would very much like to go on a walk.

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10. And this one, who is QUITE pleased about the chicken nugget situation at hand.

11. This lady who doesn’t mess around.

12. This dog who has her priorities straight.

14. This very picky eater.

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15. This dog who really doesn’t want to leave her bag.


16. This pup having THE GREATEST TIME.

17. This dalmatian who had a run-in with some kids and their markers.

18. This fluff who is a little confused about his new friend, but going with it.

19. These two pals goin’ NUTS.

20. This pal who is just jazzed about life in general.

Cute or Not

21. And finally, these two dogs who got lost in the moment!

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