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    21 Corgis Blissfully Unaware Of How Much The World Sucks

    The happiest dogs on the planet.

    1. This overjoyed pup who will never have a worry or care in his life.

    2. And this little fluff-nugget who believes in himself and always will.

    3. These best friends who see the treadmill as a fun ride and not a symbol of the tortures of exercising.

    4. Or these besties who will always have someone to cuddle.

    Lauri Foster

    5. This lil' guy who loves going to the office because he doesn't have to do any work.

    6. This tiny cupcake who is always the cutest one in the room, no matter what.

    7. And this enthusiastic spectator who couldn't care less if his team loses the big game.

    8. This euphoric puppy, with no sense of time and no need for one.

    drh1138 /

    9. This guy who doesn't need anything but his awesome hat.

    10. And this lady, happy to see literally anyone.

    11. This baby who knows nothing but the bliss of playin' with Mom.

    Loopdeloops /

    12. And this brave pal who can make friends with anyone he wants.

    13. These four wiggle-butts who get free hugs every single day.

    14. And this tiny bean in the coziest place in the world.

    15. This gentleman who will never grow too old to swing on a swing-set.

    16. This small rascal who can run through life and never have to pay a single tax.

    Lauri Foster

    17. And this precious jellybean who can play hide-and-seek without ever stopping to do the dishes or wash the laundry.

    18. This expert splasher, who will never know that expert-splashing won't really get you far in the real world.

    Lauri Foster

    19. These very good pups who get treats just for existing.

    20. This guy who looks amazing no matter what he wears.

    21. And this fluffy corgi, simply living the dream.

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