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    Just 19 Cats Stuck In Things

    Curiosity got the cat stuck again.

    1. This genius still getting used to the concept of glass.

    2. And this kitty, trying really hard to just play it cool.

    3. This troublemaker who KNEW he shouldn't be playing with the plants, but did it anyway.

    4. This adorable fluff who had a run-in with a hanger.

    5. This dude, stuck between the door and the screen and unsure how to proceed.

    6. This guy doing his best to get out of the tub.

    "I'm not giving up, I'm just resting."

    7. This lady who didn't want you to see her like this.

    8. And this goof rendered immobile.

    9. This cat who is using this opportunity to reflect on his life decisions.

    10. This over-dramatic fluff.

    11. And this calm lad, trying to convince himself the Slinky looks fashionable.

    12. This furball who is really not amused by your laughing.

    13. This guy who has accepted his situation as the new normal.

    14. And this girl taking acceptance to a whole new level.

    15. This stealth master who got a little too confident in his abilities.

    16. And this grumpy gills who got caught trying to catch the fish.

    17. This mighty hunter who has fallen victim to a bra strap.

    18. This disappointed kitty who has all but given up.

    19. And last but not least, this adventurer who is in a little over his head.