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    21 Capybaras Who Knew When To Throw Shade

    All the times that deserve MAJOR side-eye.

    1. When you're in a bad mood but you're out so your friends try to make you dance:

    2. When happy couples walk past holding hands and you're single AF:

    3. When someone says you look like your mom:

    4. When someone says "I'm so weird" about something that's not that weird:

    5. When you're at a really shitty bar, but your friend doesn't want to leave so you hang out in the corner all like:

    6. When someone purposely talks about your crush right in front of you JUST to make you blush:

    7. When you did basically the whole group project and your group members say "We're all giving each other 5/5 on the team review, right?":

    8. When you're trying to appreciate alone time, but your roommate keeps coming in to talk to you:

    9. When someone overhears you fangirling and says "Calm down, it's just a show":

    10. When your friend said she was "ten minutes away" and it's definitely been twenty minutes:

    11. When someone declares that they "hate drama":

    12. When one of your friends is trying to get the group moving but you're all pretty comfortable where you are:

    13. When you asked for help cleaning before a party but your friend just comes over and starts watching your Netflix while you clean alone:

    14. When someone leaves their shopping cart right in front of the shelf you need stuff from:

    15. When you watch your friend playing dumb to flirt with someone who is actually dumb:

    16. When your friend asks a mind-blowing question you can't answer, so now you're questioning your existence, and all you were trying to do was have a good time:

    17. When you can't get to sleep because your roommate is making a ruckus:

    18. When someone starts talking about their vegan diet while you're eating Chipotle:

    19. When you see something really funny but you can't fully appreciate it because you're in a bad mood:

    20. When someone is over-laughing because they're trying to get a cute 'candid' shot for Instagram:

    21. When you said a joke but then your friend said it louder and everyone laughed and your friend took credit: