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Can You Make It Through This Post Without Getting Sleepy?

Face the power of tired puppies.

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Let's start this off simple. Here's ONE sleepy puppy.

This is easy!
Creative Commons / Flickr: qjake

This is easy!

Now, TWO sleepy puppies.

Creative Commons / Flickr: jdrephotography

Are you ready for this snore?

And for this little yawn?

Creative Commons / Flickr: jdrephotography

What about this guy? He looks sooOoOooooOoo comfy.

Are your eyelids feeling heavy?

Maybe you're like this puppy. ~Feelin the tired~ and about ready to give in.

I gave you a freebie on this one. That chuckle woke you up a bit.

You can try to stay awake like this lil' fellow.

View this video on YouTube

But you are feeling veeeeerrrrrryyyyyyyy sleeeeeeepppppyyyy.

Try listening to this relaxing sound whilst feeling VERY awake.

It's OK if you want to yawn.

It's OK if all you want to do right now is snuggle up in a warm blanket.

In fact, go ahead and fall asleep, wherever you may be! Because you've made it this far, and you are sleepy now.

Sweet dreams! ;)

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