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    44 Baby Animals Doing Baby Animal Things

    Everything about a baby thing is a happy thing.

    1. This baby goat dressed as a sunflower, falling asleep in a flowerpot and brightening lives as he does so.

    2. This baby flying squirrel still trying to get a handle on the whole "flying" business.

    3. This cuddly baby otter taking the snuggliest of naps.

    4. This little snow leopard thinking about how he will rule when the time comes.

    5. This duckling swimming in a sink.

    6. This baby wombat running happily toward his dreams.

    7. This baby elephant having THE BEST first day at the beach.

    8. This tiny bulldog giving this baby human some wet kisses.

    9. And this eenie-weenie kitten who is realizing it's only Monday.

    10. This baby marmoset practicing for his poetry reading on Thursday.

    11. And this baby anteater snoozing on Mom's back.

    12. This little dolphin learning the ropes of being a grown-up dolphin.

    13. These serval kittens redefining our standards for fuzziness.

    14. This baby seagull on a determined hunt for stray french fries.

    15. This newborn chameleon who doesn't know he has hatched!


    16. This pile of babies, hard at work perfecting their nap productivity.

    17. This baby elephant seal who just wants some cuddles.

    18. This youngster skunk who is honestly just as surprised to see you.

    19. This IMPOSSIBLY small froglet.

    20. This itty-bitty slow loris just waking up from a nap.

    21. This baby porcupine who doesn't have her quills yet and thus is still huggable.

    22. This little jaguar about to practice his pounce.


    24. This little tapir in the middle of saying, "MOM, you're EMBARRASSING ME."

    25. This lil' polar bear taking a peek at the tundra.

    26. This baby panda singing the chorus to "Chandelier."

    27. This tiny dik-dik saying, "HELLO. I AM DOWN HERE. NO MORE WORKING."

    28. This baby lemur learning to jump like a pro.

    29. This tiny koala in a mug, being fed with an even tinier bottle.

    30. This baby pufferfish who was in the area and is just dropping by to say hello!

    31. This little pudu sucking up to Mom after being a troublemaker.

    32. This little bundle of puppy.

    33. This baby rhino who likes pretending to be a goat.

    34. And this bb trying his best not to fall asleep.

    35. This piglet taking a nice shower from a watering can.

    36. This baby harp seal, so pure and angelic.

    37. This lil' baby meerkat who is pretty much ON TOP OF THE WORLD right now.

    38. These two teeny reindeer who are very determined to gallop through the snow majestically.

    39. This weeeeee little snail.

    40. These little troublemakers climbing in the treetops.

    41. This baby who has found a big fluffy mountain to scale.

    42. This young tortoise who is wise beyond his years.

    43. This tiny guy trying to trick us into thinking he's BIG and SCARY.

    44. And this tired puppy falling asleep while he tries to stay hydrated.