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27 Excellent Reasons To Be Happy

Hint: They are all animals.

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4. And there is a place on this earth where if you make a funny noise, birds will fall from the sky.

Don't worry, this guy is fine. He's just overly curious! See the full video here.

7. It's a happy thing to know that a watermelon to a hippo is like a little berry.

8. You should be happy because for FIVE years this woman thought her best friend had only one cat.

10. Smile, because this is how you weigh a baby giraffe.


17. Because two cats will sit together patiently as they gaze curiously upon a lizard on a wall.

18. This startled seal is a perfectly wonderful reason to be happy.

20. Laugh to yourself, because dogs have dance parties.

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23. Toads are curious. That's a good reason for smiles.

25. Rejoice because this little gorilla is practicing to be king of the jungle.

26. Because you may never know what is going on in this picture, but it's still perfectly wonderful.