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7 Possible Responses To Being Called A Crazy Cat Lady

It's all about what you're comfortable with.

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2. Change the subject.

Elaina Wahl / BuzzFeed

Just quickly start talking about the first thing that comes to mind. For even greater effect, talk a little louder than normal. This will force their attention to what you are saying and the name-caller will entirely forget the whole "Crazy Cat Lady" situation.

3. Lean in really close and whisper "Meow."

Elaina Wahl / BuzzFeed

By whispering a soft "meow", you will leave the name-caller in a state of unease. If they were trying to insult you, the best thing to do is make them immediately regret it.

4. Accuse the Accuser

Elaina Wahl / BuzzFeed

Maybe their name-calling stems from their own insecurity. What gives anyone the right to paste labels onto you? You will not stand for that. No. Hit them where their armor is weak!


5. Say "Most crazy people don't admit they're crazy" and follow it up with "I'm not crazy" in a very matter-of-fact tone.

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Nothing is more confusing than neither confirming nor denying the statement. " she crazy....or is she just messing with me?" Your name-caller will be tormented by the notion that you may in fact be crazy. Don't back down. Let them squirm!

6. Politely escort the name-caller out of your immediate vicinity.

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You should rid yourself of any negative energy that may be clouding your life. By the looks of it, this name-caller may in fact be sporting some very downer vibes. You don't need that. BYEEEE.