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Updated on Sep 2, 2020. Posted on Sep 17, 2015

36 Happy Dogs For The Sad People Out There

Life can get you down, so let these puppies cheer you up.

1. So you're having a rough day, or week, and you're feeling a lot like a grumpy dog in a dumb knitted hat.

2. That's OK.

3. Not every day is going to be easy. Just ask this little puppy who is too tired to keep walking home.

Cute or Not

4. But you know what's a wonderful thing to do when you're feeling down?


6. Maybe this smile will be the one that gets ya.

7. Or maybe you need some floppy tongue action.

8. Look at this fluffball who is very proud of his GIANT and MIGHTY stick.

9. And this angel with her lovely flower crown.

10. This wee little puppy wants to know if you're feeling better yet.

11. Will this fella's snow-covered muzzle help?

12. Or maybe this gentleman? (He doesn't want to be left out of the snowy muzzle discussion.)

13. Surely this majestic being will lift your spirits with her elegant pose!


15. Oh no. Now there is a sand-covered muzzle confronting you.

16. AND ANOTHER. How are you doing on staying un-cheered up? Not very well I bet.

17. One Frenchie in a fluffy hat, coming right up!

18. This puppy knows being sad can sometimes be hard to shake.

19. But you just have to focus on the good things, like the cool toys you might have!

20. Or the fact that puppies are real and magical and pure happiness.

21. This buddy is SERIOUS about cheering you up.

22. About as serious as this patriotic pit bull.

23. And this mini-Dachshund in a sweater.

24. Is that a little smile playing on your lips? Sure looks like a smile.

25. Look into the soulful eyes of this chocolate lab. Things will get better.

26. Pretty soon you'll feel as fabulous as this dog looks.

27. Maybe the one thing you need is two cuddling beagles.

28. Or a kiss on the forehead.

29. Sometimes when you're sad, just being goofy helps.

30. Or hanging out with your friends. (Fluffy, wrinkly, dog friends in particular.)

31. This little lady wants you to know you're too cool to not be smiling.

32. Like, come on, SMILING IS THE BEST THING.

33. Think of all the tiny puppies like this one who are worth smiling about.

34. Tiny puppies who may one day be big goofy dogs.

35. So whenever you're feeling particularly blue, remember all these pups.

36. And cheer up, lovely. Life is better when you're happy.

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