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28 Reasons To Love Black Cats

Black cats get a bad rap, but the only thing unlucky about them is NOT being friends with one.

1. Sometimes they just look like really cute fluffballs with eyes.

2. They are basically miniature black panthers.

3. They are natural models in the right lighting.

4. They are hardly ~spooky~ when they are sleeping so sweetly.

5. They are encouraging.

6. And can be ever so patient.

7. Any color looks good on them.

8. When they are mischievous, it's utterly adorable.

9. They are really great confidants.

10. Their fur is SO. DANG. SILKY.

11. And their yellow eyes stand out MAGNIFICENTLY against their black fur.

12. Or maybe they have two different colored eyes, in which case they are EVEN MORE MAGNIFICENT.

13. You can take super ~artsy~ black and white photos of them.

14. But they aren't afraid to sacrifice their stoic demeanor for a laugh.

15. They are easily disguised and may sneak into your luggage so they don't have to miss you.

16. Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witchis among their ranks.

17. And their ancestors may have been among those auditioning in Hollywood in the 60s.

Which means you are basically famous if you know a black cat.

18. On Halloween you can match your kitty.

19. Or they can easily compliment your witch costume.

20. Black cats are fearless.

21. They don't have time for anybody's shit.

22. And they don't let colors hold them back from friendship.

23. They are masters of illusion.

24. Their shedding ~blends in~ on your little black dress.

25. They can look like Toothless from "How to Train Your Dragon."

26. And they make awfully cute ladybugs.

27. And when covered in white fluff they look like little sheep and it's honestly too much.

28. But most of all they are beautiful creatures who deserve just as much love as all the other cats in the world.

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