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26 Reasons BTS Should Be Your New Favorite Boyband

K-pop is coming for us all.

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Bangtan Boys, or BTS as they are more widely known, are a 7-member South Korean boyband that has been rising to superstardom since their debut in 2013.

BTS in 2013

BTS in 2013

BTS in 2016

BTS in 2016

The members are (from left to right) TOP: V, Jungkook, Suga, and BOTTOM: Jimin, Jin, J-Hope, Rap Monster.

Big Hit Entertainment / Via Facebook: bangtan.official

Here's why you should keep an eye out for them...

1. Obvious first reason: their music is great.

View this video on YouTube

This is one of their latest singles, "FIRE."

Check out their Youtube page to dabble in said musical greatness.

Big Hit Entertainment

2. Their songs have very catchy English lyrics for you to shout if you don't speak Korean.

Big Hit Entertainment /

3. Their choreography is 🔥DOPE🔥.

Big Hit Entertainment

(While true, this is also a pun because one of their hit singles is called "Dope" lmao.)

4. Even the other K-pop groups can be caught showing off some BTS moves.

Jimin from BTS dancing to "I Need U"

Yugyeom from GOT7 also dancing to "I Need U"

Here's GOT7, another very popular band, dancing to BTS's "I Need U."

5. Their fanbase, called A.R.M.Y., is worldwide and growing stronger by the day.

6. According to Forbes, in March (2016) they were re-tweeted MORE THAN KANYE AND JUSTIN BIEBER.

7. And BTS is the second K-pop act to land on the Billboard 200 twice in a row.

G-Dragon was the first!

8. They friggin' LOVE their fans and treat them all like baby angels.

This song was written as a thank you to their fans for their three year anniversary, for sticking with them and loving them all that time.

9. They're almost always doing something funny.

10. Especially on social media. Here's a time Suga posted this photo saying it was "taken without his permission."

...Yet Jimin posted a photo showing he is CLEARLY posing for V.

And then there's JIN's photo of Jimin taking a photo of V taking a photo of Suga.

And the final masterpiece; J-Hope taking a photo of Jin taking a photo of Jimin taking a photo of V who very obviously got permission to take a photo of Suga.

11. They know how to give the people exactly what they want.

Big Hit Entertainment
Big Hit Entertainment

12. Even if it's just a piece of confetti.

13. ...or a peek at the casual abs situation.

14. They work incredibly hard.

This is a not-so-sunny rehearsal for their "Save Me" music video!
Facebook: bangtan.official

This is a not-so-sunny rehearsal for their "Save Me" music video!

15. And they don't take anything for granted.

"We will repay everyone back with even cooler music and performances."

"We will repay everyone back with even cooler music and performances."

16. Every single performance they give is amazing.

17. But they remain so, so humble.

18. Well, mostly...

"In this world, the most coolest guy is V."
Big Hit Entertainment / Via

"In this world, the most coolest guy is V."

19. They're just a big, dorky family.

Big Hit Entertainment

20. They take care of each other.

21. But they also relentlessly tease each other.

Translation: Morning morning
Twitter: @BTS_twt

Translation: Morning morning

Like the time they all decided to copy Rap Monster's selfie and number them 2-7:

22. They are the best at awards shows.

Han Myung-gu / WireImage

23. Because they're not afraid of looking like weirdos.

(Ft. EXO looking both confused and impressed.)

24. Seriously, sometimes it's hard to distinguish actual choreography from them just messing around.

25. And at the end of the day, they truly love each other and it's heartwarming and beautiful and good.

26. Come on, just look at them. Are you a BTS fan yet?

Because you should be!!!
Facebook: bangtan.official

Because you should be!!!

Run like the wind and follow BTS on Twitter to stay updated and join their ARMY!!! 화이팅!!!

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