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    26 Magical Unicorn Things You Need In Your Life

    Because you would be a unicorn if you could.

    1. This darling, floral headband.

    Find it on Etsy.

    2. These absolutely adorable flats.

    3. This truly inspiring rug.

    4. This utterly necessary sprinkles shaker.

    5. This enlightening throw pillow.

    Found on Etsy.

    6. This splendid unicorn umbrella for those not-so-magical rainy days.

    Find it here.

    7. This "Unicorn Burps" lip balm.

    Found here.

    8. This very educational coffee table book.

    9. This short and to the point graphic tee.

    Found here.

    10. These snuggly unicorn slippers.

    11. This wondrous phone case.

    Found here.

    12. These magical yoga pants.

    13. This ridiculously wonderful robe.

    14. This beautiful, gold necklace.

    15. This very truthful mug.

    Found on Etsy.

    16. This lovely, glowing night light.

    17. This "Unicorn In The Shower" shower curtain.

    18. This whimsical hair clip.

    19. The classic "Handicorn."

    Found here.

    20. This enchanting little clutch.

    Found here.

    21. Or this honest and inspirational clutch.

    Found here.

    22. These galactic nail decals.

    Find them here!

    23. This delicate, little ring.

    Found here.

    24. This fantastic terrarium kit.

    Found here.

    25. These lovely "Unicorn Kisses" chocolates.

    Found here.

    26. And this totally badass Unicorn/Pegasus scarf.

    Found on Etsy.