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23 Adorable Things For Crazy Dog People

Because missing your dog is all too real.

Elaina Wahl / BuzzFeed

1. These cuddly, plush clones of your pet.

Cuddle Clones makes super accurate plush versions of your pet. Great to take with you when you have to leave your pals at home!

2. These dog breed temporary tattoos.

These temporary tats can show off your breed pride, even when your pup's not around! Get them here.

3. Or these CUSTOM temporary tattoos!

Your very own dog can be made into a temporary tattoo, HERE!

4. These beautiful and unique pet portraits.

This incredible art captures your pet's personality for you to cherish forever. See more examples and order your own from Art By Manda!

5. This BFF necklace and dog tag.

So you can always be connected, even when you're apart! Find it on Etsy.

6. Or this cute necklace with your dog's initial.

Also found on Etsy. This small token will always keep your pup close to your heart.

7. These adorable custom phone cases.

Inspired by a photo provided by you, this artwork is amazing! You'll always have your phone with you, and your pet's portrait adds a little touch of home. Order here.

8. Or perhaps these custom Renaissance pet portrait cases.

Good for showing how regal your pooch is at any given moment, but also good for a nice laugh. Found on Etsy.

9. This cozy blanket featuring your dog's face.

This way you can still snuggle when your pups aren't in the same place you are. Customize your own blanket at PrideBites!

10. These lovely puppy photo clips.

Use them to hang pictures of your puppy at your office! Buy them on Etsy OR use some clothespins to make your own!

11. This fun conversation-starter.

This will give you an excuse to always be talking about your dog, despite his presence or absence. Found here.

12. This bracelet crafted to look like a collar.

Engraving reads "Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day." Get it here.

13. This adorably customized tote bag. / Via

Carry your dog around wherever you may go! Find it here.

14. Your pet's actual paw print earrings.

This elegant touch will show of your pet pride in a very sophisticated way. Found on Etsy.

15. Or this nose print necklace (or keychain!).

Made so you can boop whenever you want! Found here.

16. These cute personalized pet stamps.

Add a personal puppy touch to anything with these! Found here.

17. This paw-print patterned friendship bracelet.

View this video on YouTube

Watch the video here to make a friendship bracelet that will always remind you of your furry pal!

18. This custom silhouette necklace.

Made in the shape of your beloved pooch, this unique necklace will always keep your dog close. Order on Etsy.

19. This cute ring with your pet's adorable face.

Wear it to show your heart is your perfect dog! Buy the pug ring here, or request your custom order!

20. These special dog breed cookie cutters.

Not only will you have cookies with you, but they'll be shaped like your adorable pet! Go here to find more breeds!

21. These custom pet stickers.

Choose your favorite picture of your cutie and order ALL THE STICKERS to put EVERYWHERE. Found here!

22. This DIY paw print ornament.

This small trinket can be used as a keychain or hung from your rearview mirror. Buy the kit here, or use this tutorial to do it all on your own!

23. And this sound wave art made from your dog's bark.

A beautiful piece of artwork unique to the dog in your life! Get it here.