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23 Dogs Who Will Make You A Happier Person

If you're sad and you know it, look at dogs.

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1. This absolutely perfect puppy.

2. This pup who is not so sure about his new friend.

3. This precious angel with her folded ears.

4. And this little baby who started at the bottom, and now she's here.

5. This dude absolutely LIVING.

6. This expert stick collector.


8. And this perturbed pup who had an unfortunate run-in with a spider.

9. This angelic Star Wars fan.

10. This fellow who has gotten himself into some trouble.

11. This majestic little wonder.

12. This pup who just wants to make new friends.

13. This mighty ruler with the most glorious crown in all the land.

14. And this fierce warrior defending his kingdom.

15. This true friend, doing a great job.

16. This beautiful ray of sunshine with a perfect smile.

17. This service dog who likes to add a little spunk to her uniform.

18. This little lady who always look fabulous, two eyes or one.


20. This angel who should never ever be let down.

21. These goofs sending a hint that they want bath time to happen.

22. These two buds having a grand birthday celebration.

23. And finally, this corgi taking really good care of his lil' baby kitten.

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