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    Sep 30, 2015

    22 Times Animals Were You Just Trying To Live Your Life

    Let's be honest, we're all animals here.

    1. When you look into a store out of curiosity, but it's empty and an employee starts walking your way:

    2. When you say your opinion and nobody agrees, but you know you're right:

    3. When you wake up from a nap and pretend to have your shit together:

    4. When you get a good grade on a test you sincerely thought you failed:

    National Geographic

    5. When you watch someone get DRAGGED:

    6. When you overhear a conversation about something you love:

    Frozen Planet / Via

    7. When you discover that your roommate has eaten your leftovers:

    Frozen Planet / Via

    8. When your mom calls you by your full name and you march bravely towards your fate:

    Animal Planet / Via

    9. When you send someone a screenshot of your conversation with them:

    10. When none of your friends feel like going out but you do:

    11. When you see your ex from across the room:

    12. When you see your waiter bringing out your food:

    Life Story / Via

    13. When you think you might cave on your diet but then stay strong:

    BBC / Via

    14. When you see someone gorgeous and you are hungover and sweaty:

    15. When only one friend knows how to get where you're going:


    16. When you start off with confidence, but Monday hits you REAL hard:

    Discovery Channel

    17. When your computer reminds you that updates are available:

    18. When you're with acquaintances trying to relate and feel fake AF:


    19. When you're being showered in compliments:

    20. When someone says they don't like Harry Potter:

    21. When your friend tells a joke but you're in a quiet place:

    22. When you try to flirt:

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