22 Adorable Dog Collars Every Dog Owner Needs

    Let your dog live in ~style~.

    1. This classy bow tie.

    2. These handmade beauties.

    3. Or maybe this Batman number.

    4. This hunter green rope collar.

    5. These collars with lil' foxes on them.

    6. This gorgeous floral work of art.

    7. Or this cute pink one.

    8. Or perhaps a doggie shirt collar.

    Found on Etsy.

    9. These braided rope collars.

    10. These white wedding collars.

    11. This mint and gold piece of artwork.

    12. This very foxy collar.

    13. This lovely floral pattern.

    14. Or perhaps this lace collar and leash set.

    15. These pretty pearl collars.

    16. Or maybe this classic leather piece.

    17. This brass-buckled beauty.

    18. These little studded guys.

    19. This nautical rope collar.

    20. These nifty dinosaur collars.

    21. This adorable fire hydrant collar.

    22. And these precious bandanna collars.

    Find them at Wildebeest.