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21 Types Of Pets You Meet Throughout Your Life

The world of pets is not as simple as "just a cat" or "just a dog."

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2. The Peppiest Dog In The Neighborhood

Poppy / Cute or Not

There's always one dog who is well known for being the nice guy in town. He is happy, he is bouncy, and he is ready to make friends. You sometimes bring this dog up in conversation, even if he's not your own. He's just a good fellow to know.

3. The Non-Cat/Non-Dog That You Don't Know How To Interact With

Baboski Watentoten / Cute or Not

Sure they're cute, but you've never had much interaction with pets that aren't cats or dogs. Can you hold it? Does it like being pet? What is OK for it to eat? Maybe you'll just admire these guys from afar.

4. The Big Fluffy Hug Machine

Bowzer / Cute or Not

This type of pet is usually a dog, but can also be a very large cat. This buddy is pretty much any animal that you immediately want to wrap your arms around and get lost in.


6. The Center of Attention

Gucci / Cute or Not

This entertainer has no problem with wearing funny hats or posing for the camera. They love any and all kinds of attention, and are usually pretty in your face about it.

7. The Baby With Way More Energy Than Anyone Can Handle

Ralphie / Cute or Not

This youngster seems to have no off button. It takes a lot for them to get tired. A LOT. It's mostly precious and fun having this baby around, but you are exhausted after extended amounts of time with such high energy.

8. The Spoiled Little Prince

Kira / Cute or Not

There are many, and they are strong. These fellows are treated every day by their humans, and live in luxury. You kind of feel a little jealous seeing how well they are treated, but you'll never say it aloud.


9. The Shadow

Limerick / Cute or Not

This type of pet is of the sort that follows you, EVERYWHERE. If you are in their territory, they will find you. And stay by your side, sometimes at a distance, but always within the same room.

10. The Lazy-Butt

Molly / Cute or Not

This pet in particular is the LAZIEST. They know their name, but won't come when you call. At any given moment they are sleeping. But they're so darn cute, you don't really mind.

11. The Instagram Star

Paquito / Cute or Not

It's a thing, making a social media account for your pet. And some get REALLY famous. These pets have the job of being adorable, and you often see them in silly costumes or outrageously cute poses.

12. The One Who Is Always Ready To Strike

Pepper / Cute or Not

These buddies are always on the hunt. They love wreaking havoc, and even when they are being perfectly nice and adorable, you are on edge around them. It's only moments before they decide to turn on you.


13. The Surprisingly Interesting Fish

Sammy / Cute or Not

Sometimes you come across a fish that has something special about it. Maybe he swims a funny way or looks you in the eye with a knowing smile or teases the cat. Whatever the case may be, this fish is an interesting fish.

14. The Grumpy Old Man In An Animal's Body

Snickers / Cute or Not

Some pets are the animal embodiment of the elderly man next door who worries about his lawn and the crazy kids causing a racket. You try your best not to cross them, but it IS rather cute when they're angry.


17. The Timid Baby Angel

Chloe / Cute or Not

This lil' guy is a shy one. You have to spend long hard hours winning over their trust, and even then, a tiny out-of-place noise will still sending them running for cover.

18. The Cat Who Is More Of A Dog (And Vice Versa)

Susie / Cute or Not

There's always a cat who surprises you by how un-catlike it is. It loves cuddles and might play fetch and never scratches you. Dogs who act like cats are even less common, but they are out there.

19. The Really Uncommon Pet

Tilly & Babies / Cute or Not

Whether it's a sassy chicken or pile of piglets, these pets seem to come out of nowhere. And their humans are SUPER dedicated to them. The world of unique pets is a wide and wonderful place worth exploring.

20. The Picture Perfect Best Friends

Wrigley & Zeb / Cute or Not

When pets become the best of friends, it's one of the most heartwarming things on the entire planet. You can't seem to stop taking pictures when around these angels, and anything they do becomes the cutest thing you've ever seen.

21. The Precious Pile of Sunshine and Dreams

Maggie / Cute or Not

There are some pets who are just perfect in every way. They fill your heart with light and make you think that anything is possible and that love is real.

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