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    21 Types Of Pets You Meet Throughout Your Life

    The world of pets is not as simple as "just a cat" or "just a dog."

    1. The Cat That Doesn't Care About You As Long As You Don't Bother Him

    2. The Peppiest Dog In The Neighborhood

    3. The Non-Cat/Non-Dog That You Don't Know How To Interact With

    4. The Big Fluffy Hug Machine

    5. The Sneaky Sneak

    6. The Center of Attention

    7. The Baby With Way More Energy Than Anyone Can Handle

    8. The Spoiled Little Prince

    9. The Shadow

    10. The Lazy-Butt

    11. The Instagram Star

    12. The One Who Is Always Ready To Strike

    13. The Surprisingly Interesting Fish

    14. The Grumpy Old Man In An Animal's Body

    15. The Primadonna

    16. The Horse Of That One Girl In High School Who Loves Horses

    17. The Timid Baby Angel

    18. The Cat Who Is More Of A Dog (And Vice Versa)

    19. The Really Uncommon Pet

    20. The Picture Perfect Best Friends

    21. The Precious Pile of Sunshine and Dreams

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