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21 Gifts For People Who Just Really Love Pugs

Pugs are wonderful beings.

1. This fabulous mug.

2. This adorable charm necklace.

Find it here.

3. Or perhaps this cute, little locket.

Find it here.

4. This beauty that gives you an intense need for a cuckoo clock.

Find it here.

5. This squishy throw pillow.

6. This essential piece.

7. These lovely nail decals.

Get them here.

8. This masterpiece.

Get them from Etsy.

9. This cozy throw pillow.

Find it at Target.

10. This adorable coin purse.

Found here.

11. This pug sleep mask.

Find it here.

12. This tea for maximum relaxation.

Get it here.

13. These amazing pajama pants.

Find them here.

14. These fuzzy as heck slippers.

15. This snazzy hoodie.

Find it here.

16. This friggin' precious phone case.

17. This puggy little tote bag.

Get it here.

18. And this brilliant purse.

Found here.

19. This sterling silver pug ring.

Get it here.

20. These incredible coasters.

Get them here.

21. And finally, this buddy who will light up your life both literally and figuratively.

Get it from Cotton On.

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