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    21 Dogs Named Bob

    It's a great name for a dog.

    1. This is Bob.

    2. And this is Bob too.

    3. Bob is a very good name for a dog. See?

    4. Some Bobs are very serious.

    5. Other Bobs are sillyheads.

    6. Hipster Bobs are harder to come by, but they're out there.

    7. Lots of pugs are Bob.

    8. It just kinda fits.

    9. Dogs named Bob are generally very lovable.

    10. And they usually have the upper hand on being funny.

    11. LOL, an "abs" shirt. Classic Bob.

    12. Here is a Bob who wants to drive, but he is a dog.

    13. And here is a Bob who wants to eat People Food, but he is a dog.

    14. Dogs named Bob can sometimes have existential crises.

    15. But sometimes dogs named Bob couldn't care less.

    16. There are so many different, beautiful sides to Bobs.

    17. Wow. Majestic Bob.

    18. Tender Bob.

    19. Crazy Bob.

    20. So many Bobs, so little time.

    21. Moral of the story: Bob is such a great name for a dog.