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    Posted on Oct 14, 2015

    21 Cats Who Will Sway The Non-Believers

    There are "Non-Cat People" out there, but not after these cats are through with them.

    1. So you're not a cat person? Well, here's a happy cat in a scarf, hat, and boots.

    2. And here is a cat dressed as Santa. But of course you couldn't find that cute.

    3. Right? And you're not affected at all by this fluff-nugget snuggling under a blanket?

    4. These giant, naïve eyes probably aren't tugging at your heartstrings either.

    Solaris / Cute or Not

    5. What about a VERY CURIOUS kitten just poppin' in to say hello?

    Nahh, still not your thing probably.

    6. Well, this baby is just a little sad to not have your approval...

    7. ...but I'm sure you could live knowing that a kitty is disappointed in you.

    8. This is a cat named Sushi, in a birthday hat, and he's not so thrilled about your stance on cats.

    9. Winston was having a fun time in the flowers, but you kinda ruined that for him too, with your non-catness.

    BuzzFeed / Cute or Not

    10. Here's a cat with big eyes wondering what your standards for "Cute" are anyway.

    11. And what do you have against a creature that can curl into a literal fluffball with eyes?

    12. Not all cats are meanie-heads, ya know. Just look at this sweet face.

    13. In fact, most cats are learned, generous beings just waiting to say hello to you from a bookshelf.

    14. Surely this picture of pure magnificence would make you think there might be a place in your heart for cats.

    15. Is there? Is there a tiny, tiny spot in your ice cold heart?

    16. Realizing you like cats can be a journey. Luckily this little guy is ready for any adventure.

    17. Just accept that cats are pretty darn cute.

    Cute or Not

    18. With their IDGAF attitudes and lovely little paws.

    Felix / Cute or Not

    19. With their sometimes chubby cheeks and puffy fur.

    Suhka / Cute or Not

    20. Still don't like cats? *SIGH* That's fine, they don't really need you to.

    Hobbs / Cute or Not

    21. And with that, we bid you and your wrong opinion a GOOD DAY.

    (But really, you can't possibly think that this cat in a hat and bowties isn't ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE? Right?)

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