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21 Beautiful Elephant Tattoos That Will Inspire You

Elegance and elephants.

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1. This lovely little baby elephant.

Instagram: @tallararose

3. This stunningly intricate elephant portrait.

Instagram: @patri_aluche_tattoo

4. And this gentle mother and baby.

Instagram: @lorenna

7. This charming line of silhouettes.

Instagram: @stevielichous

9. And this gorgeous lil' silhouette.

12. This endearing elephant family.

Instagram: @makandaxu

13. This wonderful geometric elephant.

Instagram: @jonnyiwoc

16. This fantastic splash of color.

Instagram: @herdis_tattoo

17. This sophisticated shoulder piece.

Instagram: @inkdartistry

19. This absolutely magnificent elephant and rider.

Instagram: @jasonwaynetattoo

20. This happy little family train.

Instagram: @katechupsauce

21. And finally, this adorable lil' elephant with a balloon.

Instagram: @crafttattooyasin

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