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    Sep 22, 2016

    21 Beautiful Elephant Tattoos That Will Inspire You

    Elegance and elephants.

    1. This lovely little baby elephant.

    2. This beautiful anklet.

    3. This stunningly intricate elephant portrait.

    4. And this gentle mother and baby.

    5. This tasteful tusked beauty.

    6. These elegant dotworks.

    7. This charming line of silhouettes.

    8. This fantastic portrait.

    9. And this gorgeous lil' silhouette.

    10. This simple little scene.

    11. And this delicate line tattoo.

    12. This endearing elephant family.

    13. This wonderful geometric elephant.

    14. And this calming design.

    15. This beautiful little wonder.

    16. This fantastic splash of color.

    17. This sophisticated shoulder piece.

    18. This origami-inspired bb.

    19. This absolutely magnificent elephant and rider.

    20. This happy little family train.

    21. And finally, this adorable lil' elephant with a balloon.

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