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21 Baby Elephants Who Are The Life Of The Party

Wave those trunks in the air like you just don't care! Happy World Elephant Day everybody!

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3. And this buddy who comes away from every party with 20 million new friends.

4. This lady having the time of her life.

(Tricky, tricky, this is a statue at Disney World! But a precious, cute one nonetheless.)

6. This cutie who isn't afraid to look like a total goofball.


9. This baby who is TOO TURNT.

11. This angel who goes ALL IN at the beach.


13. Ludwig, who always has the best food at his parties.


18. This lil' strutter who doesn't care about the rules and does as he pleases.


20. This pal who is a proud troublemaker.

World Elephant Day is a wondrous day devoted to protecting "elephants, wildlife, and their habitat." For more information and to donate, visit here!