19 Dogs Who Will Make Literally Anyone Happy

    Dogs will always be better than us.

    1. This dog who thinks he is so awesome at hide and seek.

    2. These puppy best friends.

    3. This dramatic little man.

    4. And this tiny bug.

    5. This lady, ashamed of everything she's done.

    6. And this one, too. Caught.

    7. This sweet, gentle angel.

    8. And this not-so-sweet angel.

    9. This master of balance.

    10. This little creep.

    11. And this pup who needs some time to forgive himself.


    13. This thoughtful lil' baby.

    14. This dog, before and after conquering the horrors of the bathtub.

    15. This guy who was pretty happy to finally be adopted.

    16. And this award-winning actor.

    17. This sleepy little bean.

    18. This disgruntled pal, not too pleased the dogs on those socks aren't HER.

    19. And finally, the fiercest guard dog in the land.