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    19 Cats Who Are So Done With Humans

    We're an annoying species.

    1. Cats want us to know they're not here to take selfies.

    2. They're not here to go on pleasant walks in the park.

    3. They'd rather stay in a box than do all of our dirty work.

    4. Unless it's cold outside — THEN they want nothing more than to escape the confines of the human abode.

    5. Cats don't want unsolicited snuggles.

    6. Seriously, if they wanted it, they'd come get it themselves.

    7. They're completely over humans putting things on their heads.

    8. Completely.

    9. New haircuts? Over that shit too.

    10. Costumes? Get them the hell out.

    11. Why do we feel the need????

    12. They don't necessarily like new friends.

    13. Even inanimate ones.

    14. And our attempts to make them move when they don't want to are futile.

    15. Especially when it's super important that they move.

    16. They don't like being put next to bananas for scale.

    17. Or our dumb attempts to prank them.

    18. Cats are just over all of us and our human antics.

    19. And they'd be so fine hiding from us forever.

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