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    19 Adorable Cats Living It Up In Grocery Stores

    "That'll be 99¢ and one cat treat, please."

    1. "Hey, you're in MY house."

    2. "You might say I have a 'chip' on my shoulder."

    3. "Did you want something or can I go back to my nap?"

    4. "You have a string hanging from your jeans, dear customer."

    5. "This bodega is my kindgom, I nap where I want."

    6. "Dogs may be allowed in here, but look who gets the chair."

    7. "Can I help you find something?"

    8. "Move along, pal."

    9. "Ask the guy at the register, I'm busy right now."

    10. "This is the entrance, yes, but it is also where I'm sitting."

    11. "So you're saying one day I will rule over everything the fluorescent light touches?"

    12. "They tried to put the sweet potatoes here. Ha."

    13. "It drives me nuts when they're crooked."

    14. "I need to be up high to keep watch over my bodega."

    15. "There aren't many places in here I WON'T sit."

    16. "We're cash only, so just stick your card riiiiiiight here."

    17. "Thanks for playing, I am tired now."

    18. "This is my home and I love it."

    19. "Grab your pork rinds and be on your way."

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