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    18 Small Things That Will Make You Smile

    There's still sunshine out there.

    1. The world can be a lot. Sometimes, we just need a little reminder that there are happy things out there, like these dogs having the best day ever.

    2. Or this nice lil' note.

    3. Just think — someone took the time to fix this message up and give everyone a good laugh.

    4. Someone chuckled to themselves as they made sure everyone else would notice this little piece of earth.

    5. And someone has made a whole lot of people smile, just by sharing their roses.

    6. In this little world of ours, baby goshawks have playdates with baby owls.

    7. Cats wait every morning for their little friends to go off to school.

    8. Free libraries can be found on pleasant strolls through the neighborhood.

    9. And people help each other out.

    10. Sometimes, things as small as a sticker can remind us there are still reasons to smile.

    11. People care about the environment.

    12. And they look out for its creatures, even when those creatures decide the Walmart gardening section is a perfect place to raise a family. / Via


    13. Some people make the world a little brighter with their humor.

    14. Others stuff fortune cookies full of one nice message so you really, really get the point.

    15. People are thoughtful enough to install a tiny rail for one stair, just in case.

    16. Or to leave a little something for someone who's having a bit of a rough day.

    17. The tiniest things make the biggest difference.

    18. So go on about your day now, knowing there are all sorts of interesting, beautiful, and good things still waiting for you out there.

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