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18 Times Animals Just Didn't Give A Fuck

They don't need us.

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1. When this turkey took his goddamn time:

2. When this alligator was simply making his way downtown:

3. When this possum had his eyes on the prize and was literally so unfazed by being caught:

4. When this duck gave zero fucks about the new driveway:

5. And when these deer had no clue what was going on but didn't feel like moving:

6. When this dog didn't see how this moment was any different than every other moment:

7. And when this cat did her business in public:

8. When this goat laughed in the face of law enforcement:

9. When this chicken walked fearlessly past her fallen brethren:

10. When this squirrel didn't care what humans thought of him:

11. When this bird had zero regard for the car he continually shat on:

12. When this goose was completely nonchalant about sitting at a busy intersection:

13. When this buck just didn't give a fuck:

14. When this moose went out for a neighborhood stroll:

15. When this bear was the most carefree:

16. When this pigeon had no concern for tourist photos:

17. When this hawk had a hell of a good time in someone's house:

18. And when this corgi decided he was gonna have a great time no matter what dumb-ass things the humans put on his head:

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